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A lecture on Snakessss!

Reptile program presented by Steve Longenecker, animal educator for Falling Creek Camp.  

It’s most-unusual for anyone to present a program with live reptiles to the general public in this area, especially with a combination of animals that are all “rescues”, with interesting stories dealing with their backgrounds. Many easy-to-handle pet snakes will be along, also a huge Boa Constrictor that may be touched (or even held) if there are enough folks interested. 

There will be examples of the two venomous species of snake who live in this area (Timber Rattlesnake/Copperhead). They will be in secure, locked containers.  

Steve is a certified Wilderness First Responder with a special interest in venomous snake bites. He'll direct attention to emergency treatment for that situation. Printed hand-outs for venomous snakebite will be available to anyone interested.


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