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"Tell It" Art Opening for Trish Tripp

Tripp wears her heart on her sleeve and carves into scratch boards for all the world to see. Every year Trish creates a calendar with inspirational messages specific to each month. The upcoming show "Tell It" at Downtown Books & News is a culmination of 4 years of work, showcasing some of her favorites. Her work combines text and images, centering around the idea of celebrating and savoring the sweet moments- and the ones that make us struggle, but ultimately illuminate our path. She has been a mural painter, puppeteer ( and creator) and a print maker. After an injury to her wrist, she began looking for a kinder, gentler medium for her hand other than block printing, and stumbled upon scratch boards. Scratch boards are wooden boards, covered in clay, with a layer of ink on top. The top layer of ink is scraped away, leaving negative space to produce an image. The exposed white clay can be left alone or colored in. Trish hand colors the boards using paint, colored pencils and markers.

 The images are mainly impromptu, working ( and sometimes reworking) a board until the image and message feel right, starting off with a general idea that sometimes ends up in a very different place than it began. Which is the way all great journeys are.

Opening starts at 7 with drinks and snacks, heck maybe even some live music.  Come on by!

67 North Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC • 828.253.8654