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The Box by Willow Rae

The Box opening by the artist Willow Rae.

Willow Rae is a local artist who works mainly with mixed-media wall pieces. Large works made with limited pallates are her signature. Her subject matter ranges from bleak fairy tale, to macabre representations of the human form. Simple, emphatic lines make up for the lack of detail in the work. The depth of all of the pieces is achieved through multiple layers of alteration of the board, including emotional “action paintings”, figurative charcoal drawings, and some sculptural aspects. 

Come by for a cup of wine and finger foods as we populate our walls with Willow's immense, edgy, lush work.  This will be an excellent opening, but be forewarned, it's April Fool's Day.

67 North Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC • 828.253.8654