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We Begin in the Middle by Jacqueline Maloney

We here at the News Gallery are excited to share the work of Jacqueline Maloney on our walls.  Event will start at seven p.m. with wine and food.

"I paint and draw in a space between nature and dream.  In nature, I try to see other life with the intention to form a relationship.  Assuming nothing, open to everything.  This kind of observation is a meditation practice, in which I find stillness, meaning and beauty.  As with other forms of meditation, I find it enriches my sense of belonging to this landscape, and presence with it as it unfolds to my senses.  Time is replaced by light, temperature, and the natural rhythms of the earth.  Science opens its door to a countless wordless languages as plants, stones, water flowing, become familiar to me.  And my own dreams find their way into my waking life, weaving into my awareness of my surroundings.  Each moment contains the beauty I study in a landscape, the spirits and dream beings I discover therein, and the emotions coursing through me that make it all meaningful.  From this way of being in the world a personal mythology springs, making magic between the lines, connecting me to a deeper truth."  



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